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Bruce Garlock

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I'm looking to work with companies who embrace change, are agile, and not weighted down by comittee decision making.  I prefer to do what ever it takes to solve a problem, and be as persistent as possible until a solution or work-around is found.  I also prefer to utilize open source, and open standards where ever possible, to prevent vendor lock in.


Work Experience


Garlock Printing, Gardner, Massachusetts United States

IT Manager

Manager of two other IT employee's, one programmer, and one help desk support person.  I work without a budget, and have designed extremely low cost solutions utilizing open source software, and commodity hardware to support the various web based (private) applications we have on premise.  I'm also very interested in looking at the various hybrid cloud computing solutions to further reduce our costs in IT.  Utilizing a "trust no-one" encryption scheme, I can design an incredibly secure infrastructure using cloud computing as the platform, and by being the sole owner of the encryption keys, making the entire platform extremely secure.


10/1989 - 05/1995

U.S.A.F, Various, Various US / UK

Command and Control Specialist

I volunteered for various TDY (temporary duty) missions during the Persian Gulf War, as a command and control specialist for various cargo squadrons.  I also designed a complete pilot staging program, during a night shift at R.A.F Mildenhall, UK,  in which headquarters designated our base as a staging location for flights to and from the Middle East.  Under intense pressure, I solved this problem, with no guidance, and the flow and design of my system lasted long after I left the TDY assignment.



1991 - 1995

Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY 

B.S.  Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management in Engineering and Management


1990 - 1991

Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA 

Electronics Engineering




Operating Systems - Mac OS X (all versions, including Server versions), Unix (SCO OpenServer 5, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Linux (RHEL, CentOS - All versions, Debian based distro's), Windows (XP, Server 2003,Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8).  VMware ESXi 5.1, VMware Server 2.x, VMware Server 1.x

Collaboration: Confluence Wiki, Google Sites as a project manager for communicating and documentation, dokuwiki, media wiki, Google Apps for Business.

Storage: - HP storage array's, iSCSI, NAS, RAID. 

Languages - BASH scripting, PERL, PHP, SQL, HTML, Javascript, Python

Security - Various VPN technologies (OpenVPN preferred), Firewalls (iptables, shorewall, Astaro, Sophos), TCP Wrappers, TrueCrypt

Services/Daemons - Apache, Sendmail, SVN/Git, IMAP, POP3, LPD, MySQL, SSH, DHCP, FTP, Windows specific (Active Directory, PowerShell, BAT files)

Databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, NoSQL

Networks - iSCSI SAN, Apple XServe SAN FXoE, TCP/IP, HP Procurve Switches, Multitech Routers, Hubs, VLAN's, Firewalls.  iSCSI, Point to Point T1's, Leased lines, 56k DDS, Multiplexers, RS-232, Serial Terminals, Serial Printers.

Cloud - Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2, Glacier), GITHUB, Google Apps for Business (complete migration from local to hosted email), CrashPlan (hybrid backup), TurnKey Linux, Postini, Zimbra Communication Server.

Middleware - Google API's, Amazon API's, OAUTH2




Google Apps for Business Migration 
Migrated our internal email server (WU-IMAP server) to Google Apps for Business to support our business continuity plan. 

Supervisor / Project Manager 
I have been the project manager of many successful web based database projects, such as; employee review system, various management decision tools, as well as been a supervisor to two employees doing both programming, and system administration work.

Database Migrations
MySQL migrations to new hardware, MSSQL migrations to new hardware, P2V db migrations, Access to SQL conversions.

Web Based ERP system 
Using various open source projects, I have developed a web based ERP system, which only requires a web browser to access. The system is run utilizing the following open source projects: Apache httpd server, MySQL database, PHP web scripting language; using HTML, Javascript, and XML. Currently, the ERP system consists of: Inventory, Order Entry, Scheduling, Warehousing, Shipping, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By leveraging these open source projects, I have built an ERP system, which has zero licensing costs.

Browser Based Barcoding System 
Utilizing the same open source technologies as the web based ERP system, I extended the Inventory module to barcode readers. These barcode readers, simply use a web browser, and utilize current Wi-Fi standards to connect to the database.

Policy and Procedures 
I have developed several IT related policy and procedures to educate and inform employees as well as the IT department about Acceptable Use (AU), Terms of Service (TOS), and other related policies regarding the use of IT equipment, and how to minimize risk of malware infection, as well as protect against possible social engineering attempts to gain access.

Hardware Upgrades 
My most recent project has been to purchase new servers for our data center. Utilizing Vmware virtuialization technologies.  Many P2V conversions of Linux, and Windows servers to VMWare ESXi 5.1 hypervisors.

RedHat Linux upgrades 
I am highly adept at performing Linux OS upgrades. I have performed several RedHat linux upgrades over the years, gaining valuable experience in this area. Each upgrade consisted of moving several services, such as; web servers, user login information, SMB shares, databases, and other critical business data required to run a manufacturing organization.

Website Development 
I have created websites for both B2B projects, such as allowing customers to login to view order status, and other information that customers have requested, as well as "static" business card type websites.  CMS backed Wordpress sites, utilizing the "Headway" theme manager for fast development of HTML5 based sites.

I setup our companies Intranet, before management knew what benefits it would bring. This included both and email and a web server. I performed this project without being told to do so, and this project served as the beginnings of a philosophy which I still adhere to today: web based applications.

Secure, web based email 
Using various open source web email projects, I have setup many different secure, SSL enabled web-mail servers.




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